Precision air conditioning for high-density data centers

Data centres run 365 days, or 8760 hours, a year. Densely packed blade servers generate ever increasing power in a very small space. The result? The operational reliability of the IT is jeopardised by hotspots.

Precision air-conditioning systems maintain the ideal temperature down to the last degree with combined recirculating air and liquid cooling. They precisely target accumulated heat loads of more than 30 kilowatts with chilled water. To ensure absolute safety, all liquid-bearing parts are strictly separated from the electronics.

Modern precision air-conditioning systems with energy-efficient hybrid technology ensure maximum IT availability for minimal operating costs. They grow in a modular fashion, and cut your data centre’s electricity consumption by up to 40 %. Designed for failure-free, continuous operation over many years, they are quiet, reliable and exceptionally economical.

CyberCool Outdoor – The source of liquid-cooled air cooling systems

Chilled water generators for closed-circuit air conditioning with water, up to 235 kilowatts, for outdoor installation. With optional free cooling to increase energy efficiency.Product information

CyberCool Indoor Data-Chiller – Spot-on cooling with water

Compact chilled water generator for the direct liquid cooling of high-density server racks and computer tomographs, cooling capacity up to 100 kilowatts, for indoors.Product information