Precision air conditioning for data centers

Data centres run 365 days, or 8760 hours, a year. Densely packed server racks generate ever increasing computing power, which is almost completely converted into heat.

Closed-circuit air-conditioning systems maintain the ideal room temperature and humidity conditions for your sensitive IT. Cold supply air is conveyed to the data centre via the raised floor, and the heated air returns to the A/C unit. Today, due to ever increasing heat loads, this process basically takes place via a network of hot and cold aisles.

Modern precision air-conditioning systems with energy-efficient hybrid technology also make use of cool outside air for air conditioning. They grow in a modular fashion, and cut your data centre’s electricity consumption by up to 40 %. Designed for failure-free, continuous operation over many years, they work away quietly, reliably and exceptionally economically to keep your IT available at all times.