Retain permanent freshness and value

Humidifying systems encourage growth in greenhouses and mushroom farms. In food industry warehouses and food counters in shops, they increase the use-by date of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat and fish.

In museums, libraries and archives, humidifying systems protect sensitive screens, books, wooden works of art and valuable files from drying out and therefore deteriorating.

Different adiabatic models are available from the Stulz Ultrasonic range which produces a cold mist from energy-efficient atomisation.

Humidifiers are available as stand-alone systems, for installation in ventilation ducts and as modules for distribution networks.

Ultrasonic humidifiers for selective humidification

STULZ UltraSonic® SCA and FN

Modular humidifying systems for selective room humidification. Models specifically for film processing, plant cultivation, food storage and air-conditioning systems, with economical ultrasonic technology for 0.2 to 2 kg of cold mist per hour.
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Electrode steam humidifier for professionals

STULZ SupraSteam®

Isothermal superheated steam humidifier for 1.5 to 65 kg of steam per hour, controlled by moisture sensor, central remote control of up to 4 devices.
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