Air-conditioning concepts for individual solutions


Energy efficiency, cost, room size, noise protection and local climate – when it comes to the precise air conditioning of sensitive data centres and telecommunication systems, the requirements of every customer are different.

This is why STULZ advisers first carry out a detailed examination of heat loads, room design and air conduction. Only then do they design a made-to-measure solution.

What’s more, STULZ engineers have many resources at their disposal: air-conditioning systems with recirculating air or liquid cooling, or hybrid systems with intelligent electronic processor for maximum energy efficiency. Other makes are also integrated in the concept, if this makes economic sense.

The STULZ Test Center simulates load conditions even in the planning phase. Ready assembled air-conditioning systems undergo an extensive trial in the climatic chamber.

Whether you’re renovating, converting or building – our STULZ expert engineers work with planners and system builders to develop intelligent concepts for systems, implementation and service. And active assistance is also available in the form of the StulzSelect design programme, which works out possible solutions in detail from a few parameters.