C7000 Electronic Controller

Controller C7000
C7000 controller

C7000is an IO controller installed on board the air-conditioning unit, to manage all its functions. The keypad is a C7000 user interface for displaying operating states and alarms.

This electronic microprocessor board is equipped with a set of terminals for connecting the board to the devices it controls (valve, fans, etc). The operating software and the file containing the operating parameters are written in the EEPROM, so that they remain stored even in the event of a power cut.

The keypad connected to the C7000 board displays information regarding operating conditions, the state of the unit and all alarms.

On DX models, the C7000 board is connected to the driver board of the compressor and TEX valve, and exchanges data for controlling the unit.

C7000 control features

  • Six temperature sensors: 3 sensors for supply air and 3 sensors for return air, for closed-loop controlled cooling in 3 independent horizontal zones. Fan modulation depends on the temperature difference between the return and supply air. The compressor speed/chilled water valve opening are adjusted according to the temperature of the supply air.
  • Indirect Free Cooling (GES system only): As soon as ambient temperatures permit, the GES system switches from compressor mode to Indirect Free Cooling.
  • Fan redundancy: If a fan fails, the other two fans will speed up.
  • Sequencing LAN of units: Connection of units in LAN to manage sequencing and redundancy when a unit is faulty.
  • Monitoring and reports for all faults
  • BMS connectivity: Standard serial port RS-458 for connectivity to BMS using ModBus and Stulz protocols.
  • Optional humidity sensor
  • Optional water detector: To sense water losses from the chilled water circuit.
  • Optional heater