Compact Plus – Direct-Expansion Air-Conditioning for Data Centers

Compact Plus DX
Compact Plus DX exterior view

For minimal investment, the Compact Plus DX precision air-conditioning system ensures the availability of your sensitive technology in large rooms with a heat load from 18 up to 104 kilowatts.

The Compact Plus DX units offer excellent performance and operational reliability for little money. This electronically controlled system uses cooling compressors and works on the direct evaporator principle (Direct Expansion - DX). The system is available as a single- or dual-circuit system.

Easy installation, simple maintenance from the front, and compact design make our Compact Plus units a superior air-conditioning controller in equipment rooms. The system can be extended to include up to twenty AC units of different sizes.

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Compact Plus interior view
Compact Plus AC Fan
Compact Plus C7000 Controller

Compact Plus DX, single-circuit

Cooling capacity 18 kW to 53 kW
Cooling systems A/G
Direction of air downflow / upflow
Sizes 1-3

Dimensions (in mm)

Size Width Height Depth
1 1,000/950 1,980 890
2 1,400 1,980 890
3 1,750 1,980 890
4 2,150/2,200 1,980 890
5 2,550 1,980 890