Ultrasonic humidifiers for direct room humidification

For direct room humidification, STULZ offers units from the STULZ UltraSonic® BNB 1000 to BNB 8000 model series.

All major components of these units are made from stainless steel or high-grade plastic. A fan integrated in the housing distributes the steam, which is generated in the water bath, around the room.

These units are employed, for example, for the humidification of production rooms, computer rooms, storage facilities, printing plants, museums, restoration workshops, theatres and many other areas in which optimum humidity is essential for production, storage or the indoor climate.

Tried and tested controller components ensure that the desired room humidity is precisely maintained.USM/USS-Controller

Technical specification

Model Humidifying power (in kg/h) Number of oscillators Power input (in VA) Dimensions (WxHxD in mm)
BNB 1000 1.0 2 100 254x255x200
BNB 2000 2.0 4 180 364x255x200
BNB 3000 3.0 6 250 474x255x200
BNB 4000 4.0 8 340 584x255x200
BNB 5000 5.0 10 430 694x255x200
BNB 8000 8.0 16 670 1024x255x200