CyberCool Outdoor – The source of liquid-based closed-circuit cooling

CyberCool Outdoor open view

With a cooling capacity of up to 235 kilowatts per unit, STULZ CyberCool Outdoor permanently supplies precision air-conditioning units in data centers with chilled water, thereby providing the basis for reliable closed-circuit cooling.

The ready-to-connect chilled water generator is erected outside, and works in a combined system with STULZ precision air conditioners.

The CyberCool Outdoor Chiller is available as a compact standard version (CSO) and a low-energy, low-noise CLO version. As an option, both versions can run in "Mixed" and "Free cooling" modes, in addition to pure compressor cooling.


CyberCool Outdoor closed case
CyberCool Outdoor fluid circuit
CyberCool Outdoor controller & cooling system

CyberCool CSO series

Cooling capacity 36 kW to 235 kW
Cooling systems A (optionally with "Free cooling")
Output levels 2, 4, 6
Sizes 1, 3, 4

CyberCool CLO series

Cooling capacity 36 kW to 157 kW
Cooling systems A (optionally with "Free cooling")
Capacity stages 2, 4
Sizes 1-4

Dimensions (WxHxD in mm)

Size 1 2,500 x 1,945 x 1,350
Size 2 2,800 x 1,945 x 1,350
Size 3 3,000 x 2,125 x 1,500
Size 4 4,000 x 2,125 x 1,500