Full availability anywhere

Modern computers have a great deal of power. Their processors reliably control critical business processes 24/7, 365 days a year. But where there's computing power, there's also considerable heat. Because computers only work reliably at a temperature of around 24 Celsius, they have to be cooled. The more efficient this cooling, the less electricity the data center consumes.

Precision air conditioning for small server rooms

When companies grow, the server rapidly becomes a rack with its own room. Computing produces heat. Fans do not provide the required degree of reliability, and simple room air conditioners cool much too imprecisely. Only precision air-conditioning systems can reliably look after your IT.Server Room

Precision air conditioning for data centers

Data centers run night and day. Keeping them air-conditioned devours a huge amount of electricity. Modern precision air-conditioning systems with energy-efficient hybrid technology ensure availability and achieve up to 40 % energy savings.Data Center

Precision air conditioning for high-density data centers

The hotspots produced by densely packed blade servers jeopardise the functional reliability of the IT. Precision air conditioning with combined recirculating air and liquid cooling dissipates accumulated heat loads with chilled water.High-Density Data Center