Mission Energy in the data centre: 40 % less consumption

Half disappears into thin air

Data centers run 365 days a year. Their server racks generate ever increasing computing power in an ever decreasing surface area – power that is almost entirely converted into heat. This is why IT hardware is now responsible for as much CO2 as global air traffic. Air-conditioning systems keep IT in good working order, by immediately conveying the heat outside. But the more heat is generated, the more electricity the air conditioning consumes - in the worst cases, more than half of the energy supplied to the data center!

Save electricity, increase performance

With the advisory services of our STULZ Mission Energy, you can gain room for manoeuvre in the management of your operating costs. Energy-efficient STULZ precision air-conditioning systems cut the electricity consumption of the data centre by up to 40 %. So your electricity costs are lowered - and space is created for new hardware investments.

Energy-efficient optimising, building and operation

For new or optimised systems or running existing ones - opt for energy-efficient air conditioning from STULZ. With clever advice, intelligent products and lasting service, we will be there for you throughout the life of your air-conditioning system.