Direct Free Cooling for Data Centers: Energy-efficient, reliable and available around the world

CyberAir 3 exterior view
CyberAir 3 exterior view

CyberAir 3 precision air-conditioning system with Direct Free Cooling cools data centers up to 90 % more economically than conventional compressor cooling systems.

In addition, the cooling unit and mixing and filtration box are available in various sizes, so they can be selected precisely to suit your requirements and to achieve optimum energy efficiency.


  • Up to 90 % more economical thanks to STULZ Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling and Direct Free Cooling automatic air-conditioning
  • EC fan: Quiet-running, long life, maintenance-friendly
  • Compressor with EC technology and state-of-the-art electronically controlled expansion valves
  • Infinite compressor control for cooling capacity with maximum efficiency
  • Thanks to the high-efficiency rear panel (optional), the depth of the units increases and the surface area of the heat exchanger is used even more efficiently
  • Fold-away heat exchanger in the CyberAir AMD for additional energy efficiency
  • Filter control management
  • All parts requiring maintenance can be accessed from the front
  • Seven cooling systems in both upflow and downflow format, seven sizes, standard and low-energy versions
  • Compact dimensions
  • C7000 controller for controlling and monitoring the air-conditioning system

CyberAir 3 DX with Direct Free Cooling

Cooling capacity 76 kW to 112 kW
Sizes 1-3

CyberAir 3 CW with Direct Free Cooling

Cooling capacity 108 kW bis 161 kW
Sizes 1-3

Dimensions (WxHxD in mm)

Size 1 (DX/CW) 2,760/2,200 x 2,495 x 890
Size 2 (DX/CW) 3,110/2,550 x 2,495 x 890
Size 3 (DX/CW) 3,670/3,110 x 2,495 x 980