Every Stulz air conditioning unit arrives with clean air filters to ensure that dust particles are removed as the air re-circulates through the unit.

All STULZ units automatically remind you when to change the filters as they get dirty and if you have a STULZ UK maintenance contract our Service Team will organise replacements. Suitable filters can also be ordered as spare parts and delivered direct to your facility.see STULZ UK Customer Service


All Stulz precision air conditioning units are available in DOWNFLOW format so that the conditioned air is delivered into a raised floor void for distribution into the critical space. To support the unit a robust adjustable height floorstand can be supplied.

All floorstands are manufactured to suit the specific raised floor height of your Data Centre. A minimum adjustment of +/- 25mm ensures that the floorstand can be levelled to the precise height required. Tile supports, ducts, turning scoops, dampers and drip trays can all be custom made to suit specific requirements.