At home all over the world

Founded in Hamburg in 1947, today STULZ has a presence in over 130 countries. The STULZ Group has STULZ subsidiaries in 17 countries, 6 production plants in Europe, the USA, India and China and more than 140 exclusive sales and service partners on all continents. Managed by Jürgen and Albert Stulz, the family-owned company employs a workforce of over 5,000 all over the world.

Montaplast, our sister company, specialises in technical solutions for the automotive industry.

STULZ employees

5,000 employees
STULZ A/C Systems
2,100 employees
STULZ A/C Systems
700 employees

Subsidiary companies of the STULZ Group

A/C systems for reliable ICT operation  
Germany STULZ GmbH Klimatechnik
Hamburg (Headquarters)
Australia STULZ Australia PTY LTD., Sydney
Belgium STULZ Belgium BVBA, Brussels
Austria STULZ Austria GmbH, Wien
China STULZ Hangzhou
  STULZ Air Technology and Services Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Great Britain STULZ UK Ltd., Epson, Surrey
India STULZ-CHSPL Pvt. Ltd. India
New Mumbai
Italy STULZ SpA, Valeggio sul Mincio
Mexico STULZ México S.A. de C.V., Álvaro Obregón, D.F.
Netherlands STULZ Groep B.V., Amstelveen
New Zealand STULZ New Zealand Ltd., Auckland
Poland STULZ Polska Sp. z.o.o, Warsaw
Singapur STULZ Singapore PTE. LTD.
Spain STULZ Espaňa, S.A., Madrid
South Africa STULZ South Africa Pty. Ltd., Gauteng
USA STULZ Air Technology Systems
Inc Frederick, Maryland
System components for the automotive industry  
Germany Montaplast GmbH
Morsbach (Headquarters)
  Montaplast, Sindelfingen
  Montaplast, Munich
China Montaplast Co. Ltd., Tianjin
  Montaplast (SIP) Co. Ltd., Suzhou
France Montaplast, Paris (Sales Office)
Great Britain Montaplast, London (Sales Office)
Japan Montaplast of Japan Ltd., Nagoya
USA Montaplast of North America Inc. Frankfort, Kentucky
  Sales & Engineering Office Southfield, Michigan

Production sites

A/C systems Germany, Hamburg
  Italy, Valeggio sul Mincio
Automotive Germany, Morsbach
A/C systems USA, Frederick, Maryland
Automotive USA, Frankfort, Kentucky
A/C systems China, Shanghai
  China, Hangzhou
  India, Mumbai
Automotive China, Suzhou


Technical solutions for the automotive industry