Milestones in STULZ’s history

2014 | Foundation of STULZ México S.A. de C.V.

2013 | New production site in Hangzhou, China

2013 | Foundation of STULZ Belgium BVBA

2011 | Foundation of STULZ Singapore Pte Ltd.

2011 | Foundation of STULZ AUSTRIA GmbH

2011 | New Customer Center in Hamburg has been opened

2008 | Foundation of STULZ South Africa Pty. Ltd.

2007 | Foundation of STULZ New Zealand Ltd. and Montaplast in Suzhou, China

2006 | Foundation of STULZ CHSPL Pvt: Ltd. in India

2005 | A share in STULZ AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd., foundation of STULZ ATS, China

2003 | Foundation of STULZ Polska Sp. z o.o.

2001 | Foundation of STULZ Espãna S.A. and STULZ Air Technology System Inc. in Frederick, USA, share in Cosmotec Italia (now STULZ SpA)

1992 | Foundation of Montaplast of North America in Frankfort, Kentucky

1989 | Foundation of STULZ FRANCE S.A.R.L. in France and STULZ UK Ltd. in Britain

1987 | Foundation of STULZ America INC. in the USA

1985 | Foundation of STULZ Italia S.r.l.

1977 | A revolutionary innovation: modular air-conditioning systems

1971 | Specialisation in the air conditioning of data centres

1965 | STULZ's first air-conditioning system: STULZ elektronic air-system

1962 | Foundation of the Dutch subsidiary STULZ Groep B.V., the beginnings of internationalisation

1959 | Plastics processing expands with the foundation of Montaplast GmbH

1954 | Foundation of Elektro-AS GmbH, a marketing company for the direct sale of the PICCOLO to private households

1947 | Foundation of the “ALBERT STULZ Fabrik elektrotechnischer Geräte” (ALBERT STULZ Electrical Appliance Factory) on 31.07.1947